Super news!  The elderly couple we first told you about a little over a week ago is on their way to having a home!  They do have a roof, but there is still much to be done to give them a proper home...

A listener told us about the elderly man and woman who live in some of the shocking conditions I've ever seen.  She asked if we could help them get at least a roof and some walls because they were living without them.

We turned to you, our fabulous listeners, and of course you guys came through for us!  Over the weekend, a roof was put on the house.

“All I want  is to have peace and a house to live in.”

Our sister station, KLAQ, sent out Super Mario to meet with the couple whose home is now being fixed, and the face that they are living in the conditions that they are is made even worse by the fact that the gentleman, Nicoles Hernandez is an 18-year Army Veteran.  He and his wife, Carmen, were living in a house without roof or walls, but now, thanks to KISS FM listeners and so many others, the Hernandez's are getting a real home!


We wanted to bring you the update because so many listeners have stepped forward to help and we wanted you to see what all that help has done for a US veteran and his wife!






I spoke to Hilda, the listener who has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to help the Hernandez's, and she tells me that the roof is a godsend.  The things that still need to be worked on are sheetrock and insulation for the tiny home's walls; plumbing and electrical materials so the home can have light and water - yes, they are living without those things currently; stucco to finish the outside walls; and of course, anyone with expertise in actually making sure these things can get done!

It does sound like a lot, but this is just the very basic necessities for this gentleman who served our country, and his wife.  I found a toilet that I will be donating to the cause, but we would really appreciate any help that YOU can offer!  Please help us get the Hernandez's situation squared away soon so these lovely people can finally have a little comfort in their lives.

If you would like to help, please fill out this form and let us know what you can do.  Remember, we aren't looking for a huge windfall of help from one person, just a little bit from each of us will get the job done!  Thanks!