Officials at Fort Bliss are dealing with the investigation into a shooting that happened at the VA clinic at William Beaumont Army Medical Center yesterday afternoon that left one doctor and the shooter dead.

courtesy: Fernando Cuevas

Fort Bliss commander Maj. Gen. Stephen Twitty said reports of an active shooter at the VA came in around 3 o’clock Tuesday afternoon and the VA clinic and Beaumont Hospital immediately went into lockdown. The El Paso Police Department, Fort Bliss Military Police, Customs and Border Protections Agents, and the FBI flooded the area in a massive response to the situation.

Bliss officials say the gunman and doctor were the only two individuals involved in the incident, but are still not releasing the names of the the doctor or suspected gunman.

Because the VA Clinic at Beaumont is still an active crime scene, it will be closed today. If you are a veterans who had previously scheduled appointment, you will be contacted to reschedule. If you have an appointment on the eastside or Las Cruces VA clinics, those will be open today, and appointments will run as scheduled.