Hunter J was granted his wish of going to Hawaii! He and his family got back about a week ago and had a video to share.

Hunter had NEVER been to the ocean and his mom Vanessa had to capture it on camera! Let's just say you may get winded just by watching! lol

So happy you made it to the ocean, Hunter! We look forward to following you on other life endeavors! Now that all the fun has been had, Hunter's mom Vanessa tells me it's all about the non-profit and helping it grow since it is brand new. I am so happy to say I am a part of Think Orange and what is to come in our future is yet to come! Awareness for Leukemia and fundraising is what we are all about. It's about ALL the children of El Paso and around the world who have Leukemia. If we can make any little difference in awareness, our job is worth every effort! Please 'like" the Facebook page for the non-profit organization and join us in the fight!

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