Earlier this week, Fort Bliss Commander Maj. Gen. Dana Pittard revealed that he had accidentally sold a family heirloom Bible at a yard sale.  Good news!  He got it back!

elpasotimes.com/courtesy Lucille Pittard

Fort Bliss and 1st Armored Division Commander Maj. Gen. Pittard told the El Paso Times that Rachel Wallace returned the treasured Bible after her husband read in the paper that it was a family heirloom.

She returned it and turned down being given 10 times what she paid for it by Pittard.

The Bible was given to Pittard’s wife, Lucille, when she was a child and had made her confirmation.

She said it has been with her in 25 different homes for the past 42 years, plus one.

Lucille Pittard said she prayed to God to have the Bible returned, and now that has been, she thanks everyone who asked about it, and was just thankful that her Bible had made its way home.

And Maj. Gen. Pittard is probably just happy to be out of the doghouse!