San Jose Catholic Church in the Lower Valley was built in 1912, and last year, began having some structural issues that sparked internet rumors that it was going to be closed down and even condemned by the City of El Paso. At the time, Elizabeth O’Hara, Communications Director for the Catholic Diocese of El Paso, said “the outside of the church may not be as beautiful as some of the new churches, but again that comes from age and it is made from a kind of material that needs attention.”

Today, the Diocese released the following information on San Jose. The discovery phase of construction is continuing at San Jose. The pews and the façade of the interior wall were removed to expose the adobe so engineers could inspect it, but the adobe crumbled. That will be repaired. In the meantime, parishioners at San Jose will continue to celebrate Mass at their parish hall, and only authorized personnel will be allowed in the parish while the inspection continues.