Not only are customers able to learn and use a new language, but they also learn a new perspective. 

In Toronto, Canada, there is a brand new restaurant that has recently opened called Signs, where the entire staff is deaf. When customers come in to the restaurant, they are asked to order their food and drinks from their waiter in the American Sign Language. There are pictures on the menu to help customers, plus cheat sheets for common phrases.

The restaurant has been very successful, with reservations pouring in to try out the new dining experience. The restaurant is also giving new employment opportunities to the deaf community. Over 200 people applied for a job at the restaurant, only 50 made the cut, and out of those 50 none had any experience in the restaurant industry. The owner of the restaurant though was very encouraged by the staff eagerness to learn. Customers have had positive experiences not only with the staff, but the food as well. The owner hopes to open a second location if the first has continued success.

This restaurant is such a wonderful idea and gives the disabled community a chance to shine in a brand new work environment. If this restaurant is a continued success, I would love to see more open up in the United States, maybe even here in El Paso! Do you think a restaurant of this type would be successful in our city? Comment below and tell us what you think!