Ladies, tell me if this sounds familiar:

(You)-"What do you want for Christmas, babe?"
(You)-"Well, what do you like?"
(Him)-"Whatever you get me."
(You)-"What. Do. You. WANT???!!!"
(Him)-"I don't really need anything."

Relax. Guys really aren't that tough to buy for. Let your Uncle Mikey help you out with a few killer gift-giving suggestions.

1. Guys love tickets to sporting events and concerts. Why? Because they can drink a few and yell in public. That's part of the gift. But I don't mean one of those lame bands YOU like. I mean the sort of concert where he can get a T-shirt with a skull or a gun on it.

2. Guys also love beer and red meat. I'm not sure what you can do with that, but I trust you'll think of something.

3. Guys love gadgets and technology. Your guy will never be disappointed if you get him something that enhances his TV-watching, music-listening, or pornography-downloading experience.

Trust me, you really can't go wrong with any of the above. Hey, what can I tell you, we're simple creatures.