Love them or hate them, it turns out the light structures on I-10 and Airway aren't a traffic hazard as they were once said to be. TxDOT released the details of a 2014 study that said there was not any significant difference in the number of accidents that happened after the installation of the lights as compared to the years before they were installed.

During the four to six-week period of the study, TxDOT had the City change the lights in periods of five, three, one minute and 30 second intervals. The study will now be used to develop rules and regulation for similar light installations throughout the state. The study was also used to come up with basic standards as to how often the lights should change.

Glad to hear that the urban myth that drivers would stop while on the freeway to take photos of the lights, or that people would mistake them for traffic lights has been put to bed.