What was life like before Twitter? Well, people didn't have any way to let the world know their every thought the moment they had it. There were no 140 character philosophers. Basically, it was hell.

Since it's inception, there have been zillions and zillions of tweets, and that's just on Patty Campos' account! With so many tweets, you might have forgotten what your first tweet was. Here's how you can find out what it was.

If you're an epic tweeter, you might have forgotten what your first tweet was. Instead of scrolling down through thousands of tweets, check out the website that will take you to your first tweet. Here are a couple of our first tweets.

a couple of years, but here's my epic first tweet:

Wow. That was deep. How about the
Kiss Wake Up Krew's first tweet?
Patty Campos' first tweet:
She's a tweeter! She better open a window. *hehehehe* Finally, let's check out the first

Our station tweets have gotten better, I promise! If you want to find out what your first tweet was, check out discover.twitter.com/first-tweet