Tri-State Cosmetology Super Sale!

For those of you that don’t know Tri-State Cosmetology is a hidden treasure in El Paso!

 Not only is it a beauty school but it’s also a place where you can get facials, nails, hair, and more done for a fraction of the cost than most salons.

 You may think that it’s because it’s less expensive that the quality and service may be too…

Au contraire mon fraire – In fact I have had my hair and nails done at Tri-State Cosmetology  multiple times and trust me when I tell you – It’s the best experience I’ve ever had!!

I LOVE their facials and have taken my friends to share the experience and they too have been pleasantly surprised.

Another great thing about Tri-State Cosmetology…they carry all you favorite products like Dermologica! This weekend take full advantage of their sale and receive a complimentary Face Mapping with any purchase!

This Saturday, March 10th

Find 30% OFF All Dermalogica Products In Stock

Tri-State Cosmetology

6800 Gateway East Bldg 4