El Paso police are on the scene of a gruesome motorcycle accident.

Some of the details of this story might be disturbing to listeners.

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Police say an unidentified man was speeding on his motorcycle just after midnight Friday morning on the southbound lanes of Loop 375 near Montana in far east El Paso when he lost lost control, and flew off the bike.

ABC 7 had a crew on the scene, and they are reporting that they witnessed emergency crews handling the victim's head, which had been decapitated in the course of the accident.

Police are not commenting how that happened.
Northbound traffic was already being forced to exit the highway before the Montana exit because of road work.
Now, a police spokesman has confirmed that the southbound lanes of Loop 375 will also be closed until after 7 o'clock this morning.

Special Traffic Investigators will be gathering evidence at the scene of the deadly wreck.
Motorists on post at Fort Bliss, as well as those in northeast and far east El Paso, are urged to find an alternate route to work Friday morning.

We'll keep an eye on this story and post updates to road closures on our facebook pages.