courtesy: Patricia Martinez

A couple of years ago, a guy was drinking and speeding down Mesa heading toward downtown and crashed into a building across the street from the KISS studios. This morning, there was another accident, and it goes to show that speeding down Mesa near Executive can easily end badly.

I was in our studios this morning when I heard a crash, but because we often hear the garbage men doing their thing in the buildings around us, I just thought it was them throwing around dumpsters. But when I went out to get something to eat, I saw what had really happened.

A white van was speeding when it lost control and hit a lightpole. It didn't bend the lightpole, it actually ripped it from its base and it ended up laying across two lanes of traffic. The van came to rest on a rock or bush.

That area of Mesa and Executive is really dangerous, so slow down! Otherwise, I'll be doing a blog on you next time.