Forget Google and other popular search engines, dictionaries, even online ones still exist! And these are the top ten searched words...did you look one up?


1.)  A tie between Capitalism and Socialism.  Pretty appropriate in a divided election year.

2.)  Democracy.

3.)  Globalization.

4.)  Marriage:  Really...??

5.)  Bigot:  This might have been related to the same-sex marriage debate.

6.)  Malarkey: It's slang for "nonsense."

7.)  Meme:  It's basically something random or topical that goes viral online or in pop culture

8.)  Touché:  It means "you made a good point,". Duh!

9.) Schadenfreude: that combines the German words for damage and joy. This is a new one to me!

10.)  Professionalism

We are a strange country.