First dates are tough to plan. You could go to dinner and a movie, but that's too predictable. Hang out at a family barbeque? No way, too much pressure! Don't worry, first daters, we have some great ideas for your next first date that will give you the perfect El Paso first date experience, and hopefully lead to a love connection!

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    Wyler Tramway

    Beautiful views of three states and two nations as you and your date head up the Franklin Mountains in a beautiful aerial cable car. After checking out the view from the top of the mountain, take her downtown to check out a historic downtown bar.

    courtesy: Wyler Tramway Facebook
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    The Dome Bar

    Live music, a cool, mellow, seriously sophisticated old world scene.  The Dome gets it's name from the Tiffany-style dome in the ceiling over the bar. El Pasoans have been going on first dates to the Dome Bar since 1912.  It's timeless and classic.

    courtesy: Camino Real Facebook
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    Licon Dairy

    Feed baby goats at the dairy's petting zoo, check out the manmade lake, and grab some delicious azadero cheese.  Take along a picnic basket with sandwich fixings and have you'll have a great lunch with the best cheese you'll ever taste.

    courtesy: Licon Dairy website
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    Cattlemen's Restaurant

    You'll have plenty of time to get to know each other on the drive out to Cattlemen's so when you get to the restaurant, you can concentrate on eating the perfect steak. Take a walk around the grounds under the moonlight and enjoy the quiet of the desert surroundings to finish off the night.

    courtesy: Cattlemen's Facebook
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    The El Paso Zoo

    Instead of a safe coffee date, head to the Zoo.  You can climb on the Foster Tree House, laugh at the meerkats, and get out of the sun in the aquarium room. If your date doesn't dig the Zoo, that is the best clue that you don't need to bother with a second date!

    El Paso Zoo