For me, a food movie isn't necessarily a movie that revolves around food, it's a movie that makes me want to eat. We're getting ready to check out 13 fabulous restaurants and 3 amazing dessert restaurants on November 12th with Taste Of El Paso, so to get ready for that mouthwatering event, let's watch some mouthwatering food scenes on film!

4. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - No, this is not the Johnny Depp version. That was a travesty. The 1971 original is the only way to watch Wonka. The best scene in the movie is when Charlie opens his chocolate bar and finds out he won the last Golden Ticket. The chocolate bar looks so creamy and delicious, it makes me want to do a Cadbury's run!

3. You've Got Mail - When Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan meet after he sees her at her bookstore, they are at a dinner, and the table in the scene is filled with a ton of amazing food! I laugh every time I see Tom Hanks take all the caviar - That caviar is a garnish!

2. The Godfather - After Michael Corleone kills the crooked policeman and mobster who ordered the hit on his father, he hides out for a while with some of his father's troops and learns how to make meatballs from Clemenza. I've used this recipe and it really works!

1. Julie and Julia - The best food movie, the one that makes me want to spend all day in the kitchen, is Julie and Julia. I wish I had the patience to go through Julia Child's cookbook in one year, but I don't have to - I can watch someone else do all the work in this movie! I love cooking, and watching a normal conversation happening while Julie makes bruschetta for dinner is what I hope I look like when I cook. I don't look anywhere near that cute and cool, but my bruschetta kicks butt!

Now that you're hungry as heck, check out the details for A Taste of El Paso, and try out 13 fab restaurants and 3 heavenly dessert restaurants!