There is nothing scarier than interviewing for a job. Is there a stain on your blouse? Should you have run a comb through your hair one more time? Is you talking good? KISS FM is getting ready for one of the biggest professional job fairs and networking events of the year, the El Paso Business Conference and Expo, so let's take a look at how you can ace your next job interview.

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    This Ain't No Party, This Ain't No Disco, This Ain't No Foolin' Around

    Short skirts, sky high heels, and body glitter have a place, and a job interview isn't it. If you got dressed for your interview in your best clubbin' clothes, open your closet again. Ask you mom, or your grandmother, if what you're wearing is appropriate. If they throw a chancla at you and tell you to get your butt back in your room, you know you need to try another outfit.

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    It's Called A 'Hairdo', Not A 'HairDon't'

    Is your hairstyle spirit animal the reverse mullet, a la Kate Gosselin?  Do your friends ask you if you had a run in with a ceiling fan?  Does your hair color resemble the paint chip wall at Home Depot?  Time to spend a little money and get your hair did professionally, or keep coming up when people Google, 'disastrous hair styles'.  It's your call.

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    Coffee? Delish! Coffee Breath? Disgusting.

    Did you make a Starbucks run before you went to your interview?  If you don't chew some gum, or make a pit stop to brush your teeth, chances are, your potential boss will know if you had a vanilla latte or an espresso.  There are some details about your life your boss doesn't need to know.  Your fave Starbucks treat is one of them.

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    Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself - With Social Media

    Do you post photos and status updates to your Facebook and Instagram pages, and then wonder what the heck you were thinking the next day?  Your potential boss knows how to check out social media, too, and he is going to wonder if you'll act the way at work that you act when you're not at work.  Purge that page, girl.

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    Would You Hire You?

    Were you late for your interview?  Did you talk about how tough it was to get up and deal with an interview and a hangover?  Did you tell the interviewer that he is as hot as Ryan Gosling?  Probably not, but if you don't get a job, can you honestly say it was because the interviewer didn't like you, or because you blew it?  Be honest with yourself and see yourself as the person who is conducting the interview sees you.  Chances are, you'll see what you need to work on, and ultimately, get the job!

    Join us for the El Paso Business Conference and Expo, Thursday, October 23, and get your dream job!

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