In preparation for the upcoming Chocolate Affair this weekend at the Wyndham Hotel, we set out to find the oddest chocolate products available for purchase. We've compiled a list of 7 strange products that include chocolate that you may or may not want to eat. These products certainly put the "edible" in incredible. A Chocolate Affair is this Saturday, January 21.

  • 1

    Chocolate Body Paint

    Chocolate body paint is used in spas around the world. It's said to have relaxing qualities, if you can resist licking yourself. Although eating the product isn't encouraged, you'll certainly smell heavenly.

    Herbal Love Mall
  • 2

    Chocolate Pasta

    It's not the best pasta to pair with Ragu, but with a little whipped cream, this cocoa flavored pasta is delightful. This product is frequently out of stock on Amazon, so make sure to sign up for alerts so you will know when it becomes available again.

  • 3

    Chocolate Red Wine

    Chocolate and red wine team up to form a decadent, heart-healthy indulgence for your drinking pleasure. Chocolatier Red Decadence boasts hints of cherry and flavors of black forest cake. Bottles cost approximately $10.

    Precept Wine Brands
  • 4

    Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar

    Vinegar and chocolate aren't exactly the first two ingredients we think of when it comes to salad, but in a few culinary sub-cultures this mix is a divine secret. There are a handful of recipes that call for chocolate balsamic vinegar and most include strawberries. It's up to your imagination to conjure delicious concoctions beyond fruit.

    The Olive Tap
  • 5

    Chocolate Band-aids

    They're not exactly the product you'd want to use on a skinned knee, but these bandages would work wonders on your tongue. These chocolate bandages, available for $5 a box, are the perfect "Get Well Soon" gift for those feeling a little under the weather.

    Candy Warehouse
  • 6

    Chocolate Cheese

    It's not quite as scary as it sounds. It's more like fudge with a cheesy undertone. Mostly served by itself or accompanied with various fruits, this cheese confection sells for about $6 a pound. If you're brave enough to try it, see Michigan State University's dairy store.

    Michigan State University
  • 7

    Chocolate Calculator

    A fully functioning calculator that looks and smells like chocolate, but sadly, you can't eat it. It sells for about $6 on Amazon. However, you can use it to calculate how much a truck full of Hershey's Kisses will cost you.