So, all the kiddoes are back in school, but that doesn't mean they are the only ones teachers want to school.  Teachers called into the show this week to tell us what lessons they want parents to learn.


1.  Don't believe little Pifas when he says he doesn't have homework - Teachers tell us the best thing to do is check your child's notebooks in his backpack.  Chances are, they were told to copy down homework assignments from the chalkboard, and they should be in the notebook that corresponds with that class.

2.  Don't believe little Pifas when he says his teacher gave a huge assignment out yesterday - You know the drill, it's 9:30 at night, and Pifas tells you he has to turn in a 17 page book report complete with pie charts and a working model of a volcano in the morning.  Teachers say they get yelled at by parents who believe those stories all the time.  They say take the time to either stop by Pifas' class or email them once a week to find out how things are going and what assignments are due.

3.  If you have a problem with the teacher, talk to them first, then go to administration - Teachers say in most cases, a sit down with them will resolve any issues your child is having in class.  If you get the higher ups involved, things get blown out of proportion and a resolution might be tougher to come by.  Think about it, wouldn't you rather someone come talk to you first instead of your boss?

4.  Don't let your kid go to school dressed like she's going to work the corner - That is an almost direct quote from one teacher who said she has seen more of her female students than she ever wanted to because of the skimpy clothing they show up to class in.

5.  Don't get mad at the teacher when she has to take away little Pifas' cell phone in class - Most teachers understand that kids carry cell phones these days, but you need to let them know that Facebooking in Algebra class is going to get their iPhone taken away.  Make sure you tell your little angel that cell phones only come out at lunch or after class.