We're gearing up for 'A Taste Of El Paso' on Nov. 12, and if you're wondering why you should go, here are five reasons why you shouldn't miss it.

  • 1

    You're a bride or a bridesmaid.

    Weddings are stressful, and sometimes, a night out with your bridesmaids can help refocus everyone's attention on what is most important - the bride! Conversely, if you're a group of bridesmaids who need to give the bride a night away from wedding craziness, this is the perfect event for you!

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  • 2

    Scouting out restaurants for when family comes in from out of town.

    Where should we take the familia to eat when they come in from out of town?"  You can answer that question at 'A Taste Of El Paso'!  You can get 12 restaurant samples with accompanying beer and wine samples, so you'll know what to order from the bar as well!  You'll even get a lovely brochure to take home so you can remember all the wonderful stuff you tasted, and pick your favorites to take your family to.

    courtesy: Alexander Shalamov
  • 3

    You're new in town and want to see what the city has to offer.

    Maybe you've just come to town with the military, or got transferred here for a job.  Either way, 'A Taste Of El Paso' is the best way to check out a plethora of El Paso restaurants under one roof!  You can also hang out during out cocktail hour and maybe meet up with some cute bridesmaids!

    courtesy: Jason Swarr
  • 4

    You're in the doghouse, right fellas?

    "You never take me out!"  How many times have you heard that, guys?  Well, here's your chance to take your chica out, get dressed up, check out some great restaurants, taste some delicious craft beers and wines, watch while the single guys hit on the bridesmaids, and make your lady happy all for the price of a ticket!

    courtesy: Scott Griessel
  • 5

    You're the World's Greatest Boss!

    Nothing says 'team building' like taking that team out for a night of amazing food, conversation, and amazing food!  Take your hard working employees out for a night on the town, and have the advantage of only having to go to one place!  Your minions will be smiling and whistling while they work just thinking about what a great time they had at 'A Taste Of El Paso'!

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