Spring is definitely here, and pretty soon, the kiddoes will be out of school and needing to burn off a little energy. The best thing to do is to take them to one of the many parks around town. They're beautiful, green, and have plenty for the little beasties to do on any summer afternoon.

1. Madeline Park - This neighborhood park is perfect for everyone. You'll see families, couples, and kids, enjoying birthday parties and getting a little exercise on the tennis courts. There are big trees and beautiful homes that encircle the park which makes for a very family-friendly atmosphere. Madeline Park is located off N. Stanton, between Baltimore and Cincinnati streets.

2. Album/Eastwood Park - The City calls Album 'Eastwood Park', but most El Pasoans call it Album Park. It's one of the nicest places in town. The huge trees, the baseball diamonds, and the soccer fields, all make for a perfect family outing. On any summer afternoon, you can find food trucks and ice cream trucks selling all kinds of goodies. It's definitely worth the drive from any side of town.

3. Memorial Park - Memorial Park is in one of the oldest, most historic neighborhoods in El Paso. There are gorgeous homes that ring the park that is full of large shade trees and rolling hills. There is a large playground, a swimming pool, the El Paso Rose Garden is right across the street. You can even stand on an old rock bridge and pretend like you're a princess waiting for your prince to come along and rescue you.

4. Don Haskins Recreation Center - Not all kids want to run around on playgrounds surrounded by grass and trees. If your kids like to skateboard or ride BMX bikes, the Don Haskins Recreation Center is for you. In addition to a skate park and a BMX riding area, there are soccer and football fields, 2 baseball fields, a kids playground, even a toddlers playground. You can also hike in the area.

5. White Spur Park - White Spur Park used to be an empty plot of land, but some residents got together and got a really great park built. There is a state of the art playground for kids, and an area for t-ball and soccer teams to practice. There are even large musical instruments that kids can play on the playground.

El Paso is definitely a desert, but there are plenty of cool, green parks around town to escape the summer heat!