Mom moments in movies can make you laugh until you pee your pants, or they can make you sob uncontrollably because they are so devastatingly sad. Here are my top 3 mom in the movies moments in honor of Mother's Day.

  • 1

    Give My Daughter The Shot!

    Shirley MacLaine played Aurora, the mom to Debra Winger’s Emma, in 'Terms of Endearment'. They have a love/hate, but completely connected relationship, all throughout Emma’s life.

    Then Emma gets sick and is going to die. This scene of Aurora in the hospital kills me because my own mom, who is the soul of discretion and calm, would lose it just like Aurora does in this scene if one of her kids was sick.

    This scene is the ultimate expression of love, imminent loss, and utter devastation. And it makes me sob every time!

  • 2

    I Wanna Know Why!

    Sally Field in 'Steel Magnolias' breakdown after her daughter's funeral is the perfect mixture of crying and laughing.  We know she can hardly stand because of the grief she is in, but then you get the relief of laughing when Olympia Dukakis tells her to hit Weezer because it will make her feel better!  Oh, the exquisite pain of 'Steel Magnolias'!

  • 3

    You Got A Love Bite On Your Neck!

    'Moonstruck' is one of my favorite movies because Olympia Dukakis is just like my mom.  When Cher pulls her hair back after spending the night with Nicolas Cage, her mom yells, "You got a love bite on your neck! Cover up that damn thing!"  She doesn't ask what it is, she knows damn good and well Cher was being bad the night before, and she doesn't hold back on her.  I love this scene!