Movie Themed Costumes Rule This Year!

When I was a kid Halloween was just one of my favorite holidays followed by Christmas.

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And every year my mom would take us to go buy our costumes and it was such an adventure.

I remember being Casper – The Friendly Ghost, and even Strawberry Shortcake. And all these costumes came in a box with a see-thru window. Inside was a simple flimsy plastic mask with a rubber band attached and a plastic costume.

Oh those were the days…

Today kid’s costumes are more elaborate and definitely much more comfortable.

So if your child has yet to decide what they want to be for Halloween, this year you may consider the Top 10 Costumes of 2012!

According to Superheroes dominate kids’ favorite costumes this year.


Men In Black


The Avengers – Hulk

The Avengers – Black Widow

The Avengers – Captain America

Snow White – Revenna

Snow White

Brave – Merida

The Dark Knight Rises – Catwoman

The Dark Knight Rises – Batman


What did you dress up as a kid for Halloween?