Wondering what to get Dad for Father's Day..?? You could get him that crappy tie that he'll never wear, or that colonge that he'll never slap on. Or, you could buy him a DVD that he can enjoy anytime he wants. That being said, Maxim Magazine has complied a list of the Top 10 "Guy" movies of all time. Pick up one of these classics  for dad and he'll be a happy camper...!! 

#10 - Any Clint Eastwood Western

#9 - Pulp Fiction

#8 - The Die Hard Movies

#7 - Rambo I, II, III, and IV

#6 - The Godfather Trilogy

#5 - The Terminator Series

# 4 - Goodfellas

#3 - The Fast and the Furious

#2 - The "Rocky" Collection

#1 - Scarface