Yesterday I got a call from a frantic Kiss listener who was planning a romantic dinner at his house for a girl he really liked. His perfect evening called for a candlelight dinner, and then a romantic comedy "chick flick". The only problem was his dvd movie collection consisted of nothing but mob movies, slasher flicks, and porno!!! This guy didn't have a clue! Tony Bravo to the rescue. Guys, here is a list of all-time favorite romantic comedy "chick flicks" guaranteed to make the woman in your life cuddle up to you in front of a warm fire while showing her your "sensitive" side. Good Luck.

#10 The Wedding Singer

#9 You've Got Mail

#8 Jerry Maguire

#7 My Big Fat Greek Wedding

#6 Never Been Kissed

#5 Thelma and Louise

#4 Sex in the City

#3 The Notebook

#2 Pretty Woman

#1 When Harry Met Sally