Low on cash? Need a bite to eat? CHeck out this list of the top 10 cheap, good eats in El Paso! See how it measures up to what you like to grub on in EP.

10.) Good Coffee - Title says it all. Great lunch eats as well!

9.) Subway - Eat Fresh! $5 footlongs are amazing!

8.) Panda Express - Delicious and fast! The Sweet fire chicken is a must try!

7.) Coney Island - Not only amazing hotdogs, boca burgers and MUST get a brownie!

6.) Peter Piper Pizza Buffet - Peter Piper Pizza is the pizza people pick! And a cheap buffet with everything on it!

5.) Cici's Pizza - Another amazing family buffet for cheap!

4.) The Pizza Joint - Pizza seems to be the trend. For a nice family meal or stop in for just a slice!

3.) Lucy's Restaurant -  One word. Burritos! Delish! Oneof my local favs!

2.) L & J Cafe - An El Paso staple for sure! Great food and hometown service at affordable prices!

1.) Chico's Tacos - My number one choice. Love it or hate it but I can get a single order of cheesy tacos for under 2 bucks!