Imagine you are sleeping soundly when all of the sudden you are woken up by the sound of a vehicle smashing into your home. When you survey the damage, you realize that your child could have been killed had she been sleeping in her own bed.

That was the case early Saturday morning for a family in far east El Paso. Someone driving a white Ford F-150 truck hit a rock wall and then smashed into the home's garage. One of the family's cars was sent flying into the home, and right into the nursery of the homeowner's 20-month-old daughter. The child's crib was right up against the wall that was destroyed. Thankfully, the little girl was sleeping in her parent's bed and all three escaped injury.

Now, the El Paso Sheriff's Department is asking for your help in finding the person who caused the mess. Investigators say he or she took off after causing the accident in a white, Ford F-150 pickup truck. The truck's front-end is probably missing its grill.

If you have any information about this incident, or the driver involved, you are asked to call 546-2280.