January 14th is National Dress Up Your Dog Day. I love celebrating this holiday every year, so I decided to show you my dog and some of his friends all dressed up. You're welcome.

This holiday isn't just for your pooch, the website even says this holiday includes dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, goats, pigs and fish. Although, I don't really know the difficulty level of putting something on a fish. I'd say stick with animals that don't live in water.

Go ahead, and let your friends, family, neighbors and whoever else be jealous of your fine, fashionable furry friends. One of my favorite ways to celebrate? My dog and I have matching green parkas for winter time. Whenever we walk down the street wearing our matching coats, we always get compliments! Comment below with your photos of your dogs dressed up to celebrate the holiday. We love seeing all of your pets and their awesome outfits!

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