Each and every year here at KISS FM, we await the herald of spring, the harbinger of the changing of the seasons, yes, the very moment we know winter has been chased away by the warmer weather - the First Cockroach of Spring!

Capistrano may have it's swallows, but we here at KISS FM know shorts and t-shirts can't be far behind once the first cockroach comes out of hiding and makes it's way into our hallways and offices!  Yes, that chocolaty brown exoskeleton is a sight to see at 4:30 in the morning!  It tells us that Old Man Winter no longer has a grip on the Sun City!  So celebrate with us, this first sign of springtime in El Chuco, as we hail the return of The First Cockroach of Spring!

How does your office know it's springtime?  Does the office manager finally change out the Halloween candy on her desk?  Maybe the office hottie starts wearing his tight t-shirts on casual Fridays.  Tell us how your office celebrates spring!