Tim Tebow rocks!  He's a super, if sloppy, football player, he loves God and isn't afraid to show it, and he's got people running to Google to find out about the Bible verse, John 3:16.  When he started playing in the NFL, he was banned from wearing eyeblack with the Bible verse on it, but he didn't need to because his amazing performance against the Steelers Sunday night had the Verse written all over it!

Do you want to know what John 3:16 says?  Here it is.  But the numbers that Tim racked up during the Denver Bronco's victory have some interesting similarities, according to Yahoo Sports.  It even got Lady Gaga, a self professed Giants fan, swooning a bit over Tim!

The thing about Tim is, even if you think his throwing arm could be better because he doesn't throw pretty, he does what he is paid to do - win- and he does it with grace and style, and the unabashed love for his God.  In this world of Kim Kardashian's over-the-top silliness, reports of million dollar payouts to have a baby, isn't it nice to see a celeb who doesn't just say, "I want to thank God for this award", and instead lives his devotion everyday?

I'm just sayin'.

Here's a video of Tim Tebow amazingness!


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