A man reported the attempted kidnapping of his daughter and a friend of hers from Fort Bliss on Wednesday.  Today, Fort Bliss officials say, no such incident happened.


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KFOX 14 said the father said his 8 year old daughter and her 9 year old neighbor were grabbed from in front of their homes around 7:30 Wednesday night, and dragged several blocks before they were able to escape.

The girls said they kicked and bit the person who grabbed them and started running.

Fort Bliss' Criminal Investigation Division said on Thursday that the facts did not support the claims of a kidnapping, and after a thorough investigation now say:

"Yesterday we reported information regarding an alleged attempt at kidnapping alleged to have occurred on Fort Bliss on April 10th.  As more facts came in yesterday, this became evident that a kidnapping attempt likely did not take place. The Military police, Criminal Investigations Division, and El Paso Police Department, remain vigilant, however, at this time we do not believe that an actual kidnapping attempt took place.

Maj Joe Buccino
1AD Public Affairs Officer"

The details about what really did happen were not divulged.