I feel better dressing up my pug now in his parka every night!

There are three types of dogs that do need winter coats!

Make sure if you have any of these types of dogs you get them bundled up and warm before taking them outside.

1. Small dogs-

2. Elderly dogs or chronically ill dogs (or a mix of both)

3. Dogs with thin bodies and short fur. Think greyhounds body types.

Now, dog coats can get really expensive if you go to a dog boutique or even a large, chain pet store. I usually get my dogs clothing from Marshall's, Ross, or from the sale rack at the big pet stores. When something comes out that is really cute, usually within a month the price will be slashed a lot and you can get 2 coats for the price of one.

Also, if you see something in the store that you like, remember the brand and style that the jacket is. Then, go online and look for the same thing and see if you can find it cheaper there. Usually, online stores have the same thing just at a whole lot less!

And if you like you dog to be unique, you can always try ETSY as well. I'm obsessed with that site for many reasons, but the dog coats on this site are mostly one of a kind. Also, if you want something specific for your pup, most of the coat sellers will make something custom for you as well.

You can read more about it here.