SUPER BOWL MYTHS: There are a ton of myths that start circulating every year around Super Bowl time. It leads to heart attacks! It leads to domestic violence! It leads to people gorging on avocados! Here now, courtesy of  The Skeptic Files, is your guide to what’s true and what’s B.S.

–Everyone flushing the toilet at halftime does not cause sewer problems. It’s been at least a century since sewage systems could be overwhelmed by something like a halftime bathroom rush. You're good. Pee away!

–Domestic violence does not increase. This is an old myth that insists the combination of drunkenness and disappointment leads to an increase in men attacking their wives. No statistics have EVER backed this up.

–We don’t eat half of the country’s avocado supply on Super Bowl Sunday. We eat a lot of them, but it’s not that high. Although I do my best to eat my share. It's actually more like 3% of the total.