A man in Illinois was busted after his would-be getaway car was repossessed while he was helping himself to electronics at a local Walmart.

The Chicago Tribune reports 25-year-old Che Hearn of Zion, Ill., was observed loading electronics into a shopping basket and leaving the store without paying for them. After employees confronted him outside, Hearn dropped the items and took off running.

According to police, they found Che not too far from the scene of the alleged crime walking by the side of the road. When asked why he was on foot, he told police that his car had been repossessed while he was inside the Walmart.

Investigators looked into it and found the repo company had indeed taken his getaway car. Turns out they'd followed him to the store and towed it away as soon as he went inside, leaving him little choice but to hoof it.

Hearn has been charged with one count of misdemeanor retail theft.