Sunday was heaven for football fans, and along with controversy, came a really funny moment that not many people are talking about.

We talked about the National Anthem controversy on Monday, but I'm surprized that more people aren't talking about an up-close, nationally televised, slow-motion bad word at the end of the NFC Championship game between the New Yorks Giants and the San Francisco 49ers!

You know football means very little to me, but to Darren, it's pretty important!  I don't see the point of watching after the last play, but thank goodness Darren watches the post-game stuff or else I never would have seen Steve Weatherford, the holder/punter  from the Giants say a really baaaad word to celebrate a really goood kick!

Weatherford saved the game because he was able to right a low snap, pick it up off the ground under the pressure of 'Super Bowl or NOT!', and get the ball ready to be kicked through the uprights.  When I looked for this clip on YouTube, I was surprised to see that people thought he invoked a female parental unit, and didn't say what Darren and I think he says which is, "For the f---ing Super Bowl".

What do you think he's saying?