If you’ve driven west on I-10, you’ve probably noticed a new message on the mountains in Juarez. It’s the second message to show up across the border. So what is the new message, and who put it there?

courtesy: kvia.com

The message, “La Biblia es la Verdad. Leela," or "The Bible is the Truth, Read It," has been on the Juarez mountains for decades, but it has been joined by a new message that says "50th anniversary Apostol S. J. F."

So, who is Apostle S. J. F.?

A Juarez newspaper says a group called La Luz del Mundo, or the Light of the World Church has spent the last month painting the message in honor of the 50th anniversary of Samuel Joaquin Flores, from the Light of the World Church, based in Guadalajara.

Five tons of paint have been used to paint the 100 feet wide and 150 feet tall letters of the message. Some in Juarez say the group shouldn’t be putting up another message on the mountain, and some in El Paso say the group should be allowed to paint the mountain if they want to.

So what do you think about the messages on the Juarez mountains?