Every day we make our commute to work, school, parties. And every day we get stuck at the same miserable intersections. Tricia decided to list a few of her least favorite intersections in El Paso in case you happen to be going near there, so you can think about detours.

We know there are intersections around town you hate to go through...share them with us!

  • 1

    Joe Battle and Rojas

    I don't know who planned the far eastside part of town, but I think they were on crack!Not enough lanes, lights that are too short, and more people traveling through there on a daily basis than go to the Super Bowl, make for a very high blood pressure kind of intersection!

  • 2

    Vista Del Sol & Zaragoza

    Oh Lord, deliver us from ever having to attempt this intersection!I made the mistake of letting Sam, my youngest son, drive my car through this intersection the very first time he drove before I took a handful of pharmeceuticals!The fact that we made it out alive has nothing to do with his driving skills, and everything to do with my desperate Hail Marys!

  • 3

    Mesa & N. Desert

    What is really one of the most scenic areas of town funnels into this intersection that is used by every car on the westside! Soccer moms in their SUV's, their husbands in their middle-aged crazy sports cars, and their teenagers in their souped up Euros, all looking in their rear view mirrors checking out their hair! Proceed with caution!

  • 4

    Hawkins & I-10

    This intersection is at the bottom of a hill and includes people spilling out onto the street fresh from a shopping spree at the mall, Cielo Vista residents trying to get on the freeway as fast as they can by cutting off and cursing at people spilling out onto the street fresh from the mall, and people trying to jump out in front of the CV residents and shoppers after they got their car washed at Vintage! If your brakes aren't fantastic, you better make sure you have full insurance coverage on your car!

  • 5

    Cincinnati & Mesa

    This intersection is tricky at any time of the day or night. During the day, you have business people and students trying to get something to eat and stopping traffic on a dime by pulling into postage-stamp sized parking lots, or just desperately trying to get away from the area as fast as they can before they have a nervous breakdown because of all the cars pulling into postage-stamp sized parking lots! And don't even get me started on what happens to the place when the sun goes down and adult beverages and girls with waaaaaay tiny bits of clothing come out to play! My advice? Take Stanton!