The Whole Enchilada Fiesta has been a part of Las Cruces events for 34 years and recent reports were stating that it may have rolled its last enchilada, but not before Mayor Miyagashima had a say.

At a recent council meeting, Mayor Miyagashima said he wanted a resolution presented to the council when they meet again June 1st which may bring the fiesta back to Las Cruces.

The recent announcement of the fiesta being cancelled came when Robert Estrada, who makes the Guinness World Record holding enchilada, had said he was to retire and not make the enchilada anymore.

Miyagashima is going to present to the council that a non-profit organization be found to organize it and be capable of making the enchilada and the town go on with the vendors and the festivities of the fiesta.

The resurrecting of the fiesta would be a mix of the old and the new. They would make it open and free to the public to browse the vendors and make it less confined which many Las Crucens miss. Careful consideration would have to follow for funding for the fiesta.