You’ve got to listen to the unofficial song for the El Paso Chihuahuas. Like it or not you have to admit, it is pretty catchy!

Although the season is coming to end this week, the El Paso Chihuahuas have inspired a local musician to come up with an unofficial song for our city’s team.

Baltimore Bishop, from Maryland has lived in El Paso for the last 17 years and is currently attending UTEP for a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.

His inspiration for the song? The El Paso Chihuahuas!

Take a listen below and share your thoughts…

Lyrics to "I’m an El Paso Chihuahua" by Baltimore Bishop

You think you beating chuco town, we thinking no not today, 

Chihuahua nation standing strong, good luck is all i can say,

The Sun City nice day, and we ready to play, and we will not be beaten easy on our home field clay,

And even if the sky was grey, our fans would be on there way, "So should we let the dogs out?” permission granted, you may

Have mercy on the other team, after the game we'll pray, send you away sad face, hope you enjoyed your stay

Your not the only one we'll beat, the other teams we'll slay, they said the game was down in Texas, you thought barrels of hay,

Had no idea bout EPT, the 915 on display, Dog pound all day, good pitch we swinging away, and after slugging home-runs, your pitcher gets a bouquet,

Won’t hesitate to steal a base without a second delay, strategic bunt we make it easy, could be called child’s play, the way we feasting on these points, its like a bone buffet YEAH!


Second Verse

Southwest Park, it be the place we feel that warm embrace, and for that triple A crown we tryna be in the chase,

The new dogs in the yard, we wanna be in the race, we playing hard in every game we will be pleading our case,

We need support from all our fans so please keep showing ya face, Is west side in the place, how about the east side today,

Central and the lower valley - is the North here today, EL SEGUNDO BARIOOOOOOOOO is ft bliss in the place,

Horizon city and Socorro, Thanks for coming today, and all surrounding other cities help us get on that base,

Chico's pumping up the crowd, somebody start up the wave, day of the dead, cause we send the other team to the grave,

We making so much noise they scared to come out the cave, barking loud in their ear, dog pound behave,

No one can hear your cry for help, nobodies coming to save; EPT is where we stay, in history we engrave – YEAH!