IDOL TEAR JERKERS: Have you noticed how producers of this season of American Idol seem to be going the extra mile to tug at your heart strings by sharing some of the contestants tragic tales?  At Wednesday's San Francisco auditions, for example,  one guy shared how he has Tourette Syndrome that stops when he sings, another had a sad tale of a car crash, and yet a third lost all her belongings in a house fire.

It's not the first season they've tried to get you to break out the box of tissues, but there does seem to be more of an effort this season. noticed and put together a list of what they consider The Top 10 "American Idol" Sob Stories


CHRIS MEDINA, from THIS season. (--He's taking care of his fiancée because she was left brain damaged following a bad accident just two months before they were supposed to get married.)

--DANNY GOKEY, from Season Eight. (--His wife died while having heart surgery just four weeks before he tried out.)

--ASIA'H EPPERSON, from Season Seven. (--Her dad died in a car accident two days before her audition. It actually happened MINUTES after she called him to tell him she was on her way to the audition.)

--KATIE STEVENS, from Season Nine. (--She talked about her grandmother, who's suffering from Alzheimer's. She said she wanted her grandmother to see her succeed before she forgets who she is.)

You can watch and read the rest of Billboard's list HERE.