Thanksgiving is almost here and with that in mind, here are my top 5 favorite movies to watch while eating a big turkey sandwich made from leftovers during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Family, cooking and the general ambiance of Thanksgiving can definitely be a stressful time. The following movies show us just how crazy and overwhelming Thanksgiving can get but in the end all that really matters is the love of your friends and family to get you through. Gobble, gobble – Enjoy!

Home for The Holidays – (1995 Comedy, Drama) Starring Holly Hunter, Anne Bancroft and Robert Downey Jr.

This movie is a great example of family dysfunction at its best. This funny yet dramatic movie has it all, from sister rivalry to family secrets being revealed, Home for The Holidays is a must watch Thanksgiving movie

Planes, Trains and Automobiles – (1987 Comedy) Starring Steve Martin and John Candy

This movie makes you never want to travel during the holidays! Steve Martin and John Candy star in John Hughes' classic tale of how holiday travel can quickly turn your world upside down!

Hannah and Her Sisters – (1986 Comedy, Drama) Starring Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Diane Wiest, Barbara Hershey

This is another classic Woody Allen film that is filled with neurotic family situations and breaks down the relationships between sisters surrounded by drama during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Pieces of April – (2003 Comedy, Drama) Starring Katie Holmes

Here's a little known movie starring Katie Holmes. April (Katie Holmes) invites her dying mother and the rest of her estranged family to her apartment for Thanksgiving dinner, but things don’t go as planned.

Dutch – (1991 Comedy, Drama) Starring Ed O’Neill and Ethan Embry

This is another John Hughes movie that pairs up Ed O’Neill with Ethan Embry in this heartwarming Thanksgiving movie about family, fun and finding the child in all of us.