Reality TV receives a lot of grief from its more serious network competitors, but as you'll see from the Daily Beast's 2011 Highest Paid Reality TV Stars list, these personalities are laughing all the way to the bank...

#5 - Kate Gosselin - This mother 0f 8, raked in 3.5 million last year in T.V. and Book deals.

#4 - Audrina Patridge - "The Hills" star earned 3.6 million with T.V. commercials, modeling, and personal appearances.

#3 - Bethenny Frankel - This reality star, chef, and entrepreneur comes in 3rd with earnings of 4 million a year.

#2 - Lauren Conrad - This busy author, T.V. star,  and fashion designer made 5 million in 2011.

and #1  is......Drum Roll Maestro... Kim Kardashian - This socialite, model, actress, and business woman tops the money chart for 2011 with earnings of over 6 million dollars...!!!