For those of you who don't know why the Texas Education Agency is telling the El Paso Independant School District what to do, it's because the district's former superintendant Lorenzo Garcia cooked up a scheme to lie about TAKS test scores and cheat some kids out of not only taking the TAKS test, but an education altogether.  Ok, now that you know the background, here is the latest...

If EPISD doesn't get it's act together and start hitting TEA requirements, it could lose it's accreditation and be absorbed into another school district.  They even have to take out a public advertisement to warn EPISD parents about that fact.

Personally, I think the bigger problem facing the district is the perception problem.  For months, we've been talking about their deliberate lack of transparency, from Interim Superintendant Terri Jordan's refusal to answer questions about other people who might have been part of the scheme - even though she named checked CISD's Superintendant as someone who was allegedly part of the scheme - to the school board's closed door meetings.

So we gotta ask - should the EPISD administration and school board step down?  That question has been asked before, but district officials say it would be detrimental for the district if they did because they know more about running the district than anyone who might potentially take their place.

Really?  You guys think you know how to run a district even though you've said Garcia was an evil genius who had the entire school board and right-hand person, Terri Jordan, completely fooled with his evil genius schemes?  And we taxpayers are supposed to trust you to continue running the district that has an almost half-billion dollar budget made up of our property taxes, knowing you guys were blind to his shenanigans?

Forgive me if I don't have a tremendous amount of confidence in you, EPISD administration and school board.

We know how EPISD officials feel about stepping down, but how do you feel?  Take our poll and let EPISD officials know how you feel about them.