This Unicorn Changed the Way I PoopThis Unicorn Change the Way I Poop. #SquattyPotty #UnicornPoopOrder online: www.SquattyPotty.comYouTube version:

Posted by Squatty Potty on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Did you know that ice cream is really the poop of a mystical unicorn? It's true! I didn't know where ice cream really came from until I watched this very informative video by the lovely folks at Squatty Potty. They not only dispel the myth that ice cream is made out of cream and sugar, but they also tell you how you can more effectively empty your bowels.

Even though the video is hilarious, it is a real product that was featured on Shark Tank.

I love learning something new every day. Anybody up for some ice cream?