A new study has found that a woman's definition of the perfect man changes at different points in her life. What's YOUR perfect man, ladies?

18-24  A woman looks for someone who's physically fit, shares the same taste in music and movies, and impresses her friends.

25-34  Physical attraction and sexual compatibility are most important.  A woman is okay with a guy who doesn't make a ton of money, as long as he's ambitious.

35-44  This is the age where women are most likely to date a younger or older man  and they want someone with good manners.

45-54  Women want a guy with a large income in this age range more than ever. But outside of income, they're the least picky of any time in their lives.

Age 55 and up.  Women over 55 are the pickiest, and want a guy who shares their intelligence, values, and sense of humor.