I can't believable!  I finally found the perfect jeans for girls like me who are a little round!  As you know, I've never met a baked good or Coke that I didn't like.  Consequently, my butt is muy big!  But, over the holidays, I had to get some new jeans because my old ones gave up the ghost all at the same time.  Poor things, they had to work hard to contain the bootay!  Well, I ran across these jeans and they not only fit like they were tailored to me, they don't gap at the waist, I don't give anyone a free show of my unmentionables, and they don't look like Mom Jeans!  So what are these magical jeans called?

They are Levi's 529 Curvy jeans.  They fit.  And they're not even that expensive.  And if you have the kind of trouble I've had all my life finding jeans, you know how important all those things are! 

So try them out and I promise you will love them!