The city's oldest gay nightclub has closed its doors forever.  First Jaxon's, then Capetto's, and now the OP?  Aw man......


Even though the OP was a "gay" nightclub, I don't know of anyone who hasn't gone there for the drag shows, the fantastic music, the really crazy parties, and just the general no-holds barred vibe!

The Old Plantation, in downtown El Paso, posted the announcement that they were going to close on Friday on its Facebook page.  The party lasted for 36 years, and the OP said it was one of the oldest gay nightclubs in the state.

Other gay clubs - The San Antonio Mining Co. and the Whatever Lounge - have also closed recently.





The Halloween party at the Old Plantation was usually a blowout that was not to be missed, and a lot of people were expecting the same this year.  Alas, the party is not to be, but if you had already bought your tickets, you can get a refund between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday and Tuesday.

There had been rumors of the closure on it's facebook page, but club owners said on their page "The OP (Old Plantation) will not be closing after Halloween.  It will remain open. Rumors are rumors."

Looks like this particular rumor was true.

Sorry to see the OP go.....