The most expensive house currently on the market in El Paso will set you back a whopping ... are you ready for this? ...7.5 meeelion dollars! No, that's not a misprint. Yes, that's American dollars.

So what do you get for that? Only five bedrooms, 6 full baths, 5 half baths, a maid’s room, a game room, and two living areas - one of which is a formal living room that opens to the outdoor living area that has an outdoor kitchen, hot tub, 3 outdoor fireplaces, and a heated salt water pool. Oh, and a satellite dish.

According to the listing on, the 10,000 square foot “Italian style home” is located on Calle Cuesta in a West El Paso gated community, sits on 20 acres “adjacent to the Franklin National Park,” and offers “beautiful views of the mountain and city lights.” I bet!

Like you’re probably doing right now, I wondered how big a check I’d have to write the bank every month. Here’s what I found out: if you weren’t able to negotiate a lower price and put down the 20% being requested ($1.5 million), and you financed the remaining $6 million with a 30 year fixed loan at the current rate of 4.4% interest, your total monthly payments would come out to $49,484. Go ahead, whistle under your breath, I'll wait. That doesn’t include utilities, by the way.

You'd have to make at least 75,000 - 100,000 a month to afford that kind of a lifestyle. So is this crib worth that kind of coin? Check out the pics then you tell me.