The last couple of months, I've been hearing about these guys that sell hot dogs from a home made hot dog cart in east El Paso. These guys call their business 'King Dogs", but their loyal customers call them The Verizon Hot Dogs, because they situate themselves underneath the Verizon Wireless business sign at the corner of Zaragosa and Vista Del Sol. These young, mexican, hard working entrepreneurs are open for business every single day, rain or shine, at 7 pm and stay open as late as 4 in the morning on weekends, when business is booming. You've heard of foot long hot dogs that don't even come close to actually being 12 inches long. These 'King Dogs" are that, plus more !!  The deluxe "King Dog" is a bit pricey at 6 bucks, but it's a meal in itself.  So, the next time you're cruising the east side of town at night, stop by and have a hot dog. It's a meal fit for a King, or at least a King-sized appetite !!