Motto: "To help you achieve a healthier diet and active lifestyle"

Founded: 2013

Led by: Greg Deitch & Aaron Sanchez

Why They’re Unique: They promote a healthier way of living emphasizing the importance of nutrition and exercise

They Can Answer Questions Relating to:

1. Does diet affect the success I will have from my exercise regimen?
2. How many times a week should workout to lead a moderate active lifestyle?
3. Does my diet affect my energy level before, during and after workout?
4. Is it important to meet with your exercise expert to consult on what to eat before and after workout?

Meet The Expert

Anytime Fitness

Always-open convenience of a 24 hour gym

Anytime Fitness of El Paso, TX, is the fitness center that fits your on-the-go lifestyle. At our El Paso, TX, health club, you can exercise any time using your own security-access key! That’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Talk about no more excuses!

Affordable memberships in El Paso, TX

It doesn't cost a lot to achieve your health and fitness goals at the Anytime Fitness gym in El Paso, TX. For a low monthly fee, you get far more than you’d expect. Come in and see our fitness center for yourself. We’d love to show you around!

All you need, all you want in a 24 hour gym membership

At the Anytime Fitness center in El Paso, TX, you will find amazing amenities—including the best fitness equipment available. NEW DUMBBELL SET UP TO 130LBS! Plus, our health club has a friendly and supportive
atmosphere. To help you get started, each new member receives a FREE personal fitness orientation!

Healthy Pizza

Our Mission
Offer delicious healthy pizza menu items as an alternative to fast food for a healthier you.

About Healthy Pizza
Pizza doesn’t have to be bad, if you put a little work into the recipe, which is exactly what we did at The Healthy Pizza Company. We built our menu from the ground up with your health in mind using fresh quality and specialty ingredients. Our crust is made in house daily using 100% organic whole wheat. We also offer a low carb "paleo" crust made fresh daily using almond flour. We use lean meats and cheeses to reduce the calories and saturated fats. Our sauces are made fresh daily. Our modern open kitchen design allows you to watch as we build your pizza, and our state of the art oven bakes it in under 3 minutes. Best of all, you won't believe you're eating something healthy. All the taste, half the calories, and none of the guilt!