Halloween is next Friday, and then before you know it, bells will be ringing. We'll barely have enough time to eat all the candy out of our plastic pumpkins before it'll be time to roast the turkey, and make sure all the lights work on the tree. Are you ready for New Year's Eve? You better get ready, it's not that far off! It's time to gear up for the holiday countdown!

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    There Are 36 Days Until Thanksgiving

    Turkey Day is November 27, which gives you about two paydays to get ready for the biggest eating day of the year. If you want to jump on a plane and be with your family the day before Thanksgiving, and you want to buy an airline ticket 21 days out to get a good price, you need to have your reservations by November 5th or 6th. Hello Southwest?

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    You Better Not Pout, You Better Not Cry - There Are only 64 Days Until The Big Guy

    64 days until Christmas?  How the heck did that happen?  Here's a scarier thought - there are only 4 paydays until December 25th.  Sugar plums may dance in your head while you take a long winter's nap, but it's bill collectors that will be blowing up your phone if you don't do your shopping a little at a time over the next 64 days.

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    Put Your Party Shoes On - It's Time To Ring In The New Year!

    71 days until New Year's Eve sounds like a lot of time, but appointments for your nail tech and hair dresser are probably filling up fast.  You gotta get your nails and hair did, so you better call right now and set up that day of beauty!

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